Strategic Discovery & Information Management (StraDIM)

Information Management & Discovery Preparedness

    • Advising on document and record management strategies and policies for litigation and regulatory compliance.
    • Developing data maps for the corporate information management infrastructure, including inaccessible, legacy, and back-up information.
    • Pre-litigation planning, including the identification of custodians and data sources most likely to be relevant to litigation involving significant risk.
    • Advising on record retention issues.

Looking Forward

Due to the proliferation of new sources of electronic data, high-profile cybersecurity breaches will again be prevalent in the coming year. There will be an increased emphasis on not only determining the appropriate method for collecting data in relation to investigations or litigation, but also in doing so using secure methods that are in full compliance with the relevant laws. StraDIM will continue to position itself to provide guidance in complex matters where discovery protocols converge with data privacy regulations.