Strategic Discovery & Information Management (StraDIM)

The Strategic Discovery & Information Management (“StraDIM”) Group includes a team of experienced lawyers, legal and technology professionals that work together to provide our clients with strategic, cost-effective solutions for a variety of needs related to the discovery and management of electronically stored information (“ESI”). We provide our clients with comprehensive e-discovery counseling and services, ranging from pre-litigation planning and records management strategies, coordination of national discovery efforts, and full service management of e-discovery execution in complex litigation and governmental investigations. We specialize in guiding clients through all phases of e-discovery, including the identification, preservation, collection, processing, review, and production of ESI. We utilize innovative technologies to facilitate document reviews of all sizes – whether for litigation, investigations, or compliance needs – in the firm’s state-of-the-art document review facility. Through all of our services, the StraDIM Group seeks to provide our clients with solutions that deliver significant cost-savings, enhanced efficiency, and strategic advantages. Some of the many services that the StraDIM Group provides to our clients are listed below.

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Looking Forward

This year will see a proliferation of new tools for collecting, analyzing, and reviewing data from increasingly diverse sources. More companies will move their data to integrated cloud-based platforms. By maintaining its onsite instance of Relativity, the industry-leading e-discovery software, StraDIM will not only continue providing secure data hosting but also offer clients the new service of co-managing projects on their cloud-based platforms. In 2018, StraDIM will remain a thought leader in the world of law and technology by participating in national projects, such as drafting the Electronic Discovery Reference Model’s (EDRM) bench-bar best practices for technology-assisted review.