Cybersecurity, Cybercrime, & Incident Response

Looking Forward

The coming change of administration in the U.S. promises more aggressive cybersecurity and data privacy enforcement from federal regulators. On the state level, California’s recently passed Privacy Ballot Initiative imposes new privacy rules—in addition to those in the California Consumer Privacy Act—on any business with sufficient contacts with that sta. And internationally, countries around the world are racing to adopt new data protection laws while foreign regulators, particularly those within the EU, are becoming more aggressive in seeking to punish businesses for missteps and noncompliance. At the same time, we expect that private cyber-criminals and sophisticated nation-state actors will continue to target businesses of all sizes and in all industries. Meanwhile, human error and trusted vendors will remain the biggest vectors for cyberattacks. If businesses have not done so already, now is a good time to reassess their cybersecurity and data privacy programs.