Speaker, Chinese American Scholar Forum Webinar

Event Date(s): 04/10/2021

Steven Feldman of the firm’s White Collar Defense, Investigations & Compliance Counseling Practice will serve as one of two featured speakers this coming weekend in a webinar conducted by the Chinese American Scholar Forum. The webinar, "Knowing Your Legal Rights: Practical Guidance to Respond to U.S. Law Enforcement, Regulatory, and Institutional Investigations," will take place on Sat., Apr. 10 (8:30 pm – 10:00 pm EST).

In view of the recent investigations of the Chinese American academic and scientific communities, the program will provide community members with guidance on their legal rights and strategies to employ when interacting with law enforcement officials and university counsel conducting investigations. The program will address: techniques utilized by law enforcement agents to obtain information from individuals subjected to investigations, strategies to respond to a surprise law enforcement interview request, investigation conducted by university counsel or compliance staff, and execution of a search warrant at a home, office, or lab.

The functionality of the enhanced and expanded version of Murphy & McGonigle’s Innovation Lab product, the M&M Defend App, which Steve led, will be covered in this discussion.

Organizers for this webinar include a variety of groups, such as the Association of Chinese Scholars in Computing; the Chinese American Chemistry & Chemical Biology Professors Association; the International Chinese Statistical Association; the Society of Chinese Biochemists in America; and Peking University Alumni groups of both New England and Washington, D.C., among others.

To Register: To register for this event, please find the link below.