• Daniel Alter of Murphy & McGonigle’s FinTech & Blockchain Practice will be a featured speaker on a Washington Legal Foundation webinar looking at the growth of initial coin offerings (ICOs) on Wed., Oct. 17.

  • AlbaniaBEG Ambient v. Enel': The Backstory
    by: Katherine Cooper | New York Law Journal (Subscription Required) | (10/02/2018)

    Katherine Cooper has authored a by-lined, analysis article, “AlbaniaBEG Ambient v. Enel’: The Backstory” which appeared in the ‘Outside Counsel’ section of the New York Law Journal (10/3/18). The article reviews a February 2018 decision that surprised many legal practitioners of foreign money judgement when it concluded that a plaintiff judgment creditor must show it has personal jurisdiction over the defendant or the defendant’s property in New York if the defendant raises substantive statutory defenses to recognition.


  • Five Murphy & McGonigle lawyers have been named to the 2019 Edition of Washington, D.C.’s Best Lawyers.

  • More than $45 million in recent awards should remind businesses to proactively look within and implement effective whistleblower programs to protect themselves from potential enforcement actions.

  • It’s not a question of if your company will be the victim of a data breach, but when. This is the reality that all companies, large or small, need to prepare for in today’s marketplace.

  • This past week has seen two novel developments in the spoofing theories of the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission. The first involves alleging that orders placed on a foreign market that were immediately canceled after the fill of an order on a U.S. exchange (and vice versa) constitute violations of the Commodity Exchange Act and CFTC regulations. The second involves allegations that a trader’s mere flashing of large orders — posting and then quickly canceling orders — without placing a genuine order on the opposite side of the market violates the CEA’s anti-disruptive trading provisions.