• Pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline was fined $490 million earlier today by a court in China for violations of Chinese anti-corruption law. The bribery conviction also included criminal sentences for individual executives, including a suspended prison sentence and an ordered deportation for GSK’s British former head of China operations.

  • A former federal prosecutor and former SEC trial enforcement attorney will examine the federal government’s ongoing campaign against insider trading and securities fraud, and the risks presented to securities industry professionals. Based on actual insider trading cases they handled, Steven Feldman and Howard Elisofon will discuss techniques used by law enforcement to build its cases and ensnare individuals. They will provide an overview of the insider trading laws, along with examples of conduct that constitutes insider trading and examples of acceptable trading conduct. Feldman and Elisofon will suggest “best practices” to avoid liability, and examine gray areas that could lead to increased scrutiny. (New York Society of Security Analysts)

  • The start of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil has brought renewed interest to the issue of corruption in international sports. Allegations recently resurfaced concerning potential bribery associated with Qatar’s successful bid for the rights to the 2022 World Cup.

  • The 'Affiliated Ute' Presumption of Reliance Is No Panacea
    by: James K. Goldfarb , Michael V. Rella | New York Law Journal (Subscription Required) | (05/30/2014)

    'Halliburton II,' soon to be decided by the U.S. Supreme Court, has sparked speculation about the future of the "fraud on the market" presumption of reliance in private, civil federal securities fraud cases based on affirmative misrepresentations. Commentators have suggested that if the court dispatches that presumption, plaintiffs might fill the void by invoking the so-called Affiliated Ute presumption of reliance—a rebuttable presumption that arises in cases based on material omissions in breach of a duty to disclose.

  • “SEC Enforcement’s Focus on the Asset Management Industry: Is it a New World?,” District of Columbia Bar, May 28, 2014