• "Insider Trading Investigations," PLI SEC Compliance and Enforcement Answer Book 2015
    by: Soren E. Packer | Practising Law Institute (Subscription Required) | (January, 2015)

    Mr. Packer co-authored, "Insider Trading Investigations," for PLI SEC Compliance and Enforcement Answer Book 2015.

  • Billions of dollars have flowed to New York state coffers thanks to headline-grabbing settlements with global banks announced by Governor Andrew Cuomo and Benjamin Lawsky, New York’s first superintendent of financial services.

  • Mr. Feldman contributes to International Scientific and Professional Advisory Council of the United Nations Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Program with "Efforts by Prosecutors and Private Counsels to Recover Cultural Property in the United States."  Cases addressing art and cultural object recovery often implicate a variety of complex legal issues which practitioners must be prepared to recognize and address. It has been said that art and cultural property crime is a multibillion-dollar illegal enterprise.  One of the largest markets for illicitly obtained art is the United States.

  • Steven Feldman contributed a chapter to this stand alone book. Inside the Minds: Managing White Collar Legal Issues provides readers with proven business and legal intelligence from leading C-Level executives and lawyers. Each chapter offers thought leadership and expert analysis on an industry, profession, or topic, providing a future-oriented perspective and proven strategies for success. Each author has been selected based on their experience and C-Level standing within the business and legal communities.

  • "Current Issues in Securities Regulation: The Hot Topics," Symposium at Columbia Law School Center on Corporate Governance, November 21, 2014

  • On the heels of the Central District of California's related September 2014 decision, Judge Colleen McMahon of the Southern District of New York, has denied Sirius' motion for summary judgment on Flo & Eddie, Inc.'s class action complaint alleging that Sirius XM Radio (Sirius) committed common law copyright infringement and engaged in unfair competition by publicly performing pre-1972 sound recordings of The Turtles, and by reproducing those recordings in aid of its performances. Flo & Eddie, Inc. v. Sirius XM Radio, Inc. (S.D.N.Y. Nov. 14, 2014). Absent Sirius convincing the court by December 5, 2014, that there are remaining issues of material fact that would require a trial, Judge McMahon will enter summary judgment in favor of Flo & Eddie as to copyright infringement liability and proceed to an inquest on damages.