• This article addresses the problem of how to separate capital-raising securities from utility tokens.  The proposed solution is to use the basic SAFT model, but add a mechanism that extinguishes the capital-raising securities and results in the distribution only of utility tokens.

  • FTC Loses LabMD Data Security Appeal
    Global Data Review | (06/08/2018)

    A US federal appeal court has thrown out a Federal Trade Commission measure ordering cancer diagnostic tester LabMD to overhaul its cybersecurity programme, potentially challenging the FTC’s practice in cybersecurity cases.

  • The days of the Federal Trade Commission requiring companies to carry out holistic data security overhauls to resolve government probes over privacy lapses are numbered, attorneys said Thursday after the Eleventh Circuit tossed a cease-and-desist order against a defunct cancer-screening lab for being too vague.

  • Tim was co-speaker at a CLE program hosted by the Colorado Bar Association for legal counsel involved in finance for municipal governments to the recent changes in the framework for disclosure and compliance with federal securities laws.

  • Blockchain Law Center

    As the regulatory environment for blockchain technologies and assets continues to take shape, Murphy & McGonigle’s Blockchain Law Center (www.blockchainlawcenter.com) provides a one-stop destination for the latest legal and regulatory developments in the application of blockchain technology.

  • Is your company prepared for its next cyber incident? Joseph Facciponti and Katherine McGrail of Murphy & McGonigle’s Cybersecurity, Cybercrime, & Incident Response Practice, say it is not “if,” but “when.” Read their 10 Takeaways on Cybersecurity for compliance officers and in-house counsel.